"Assuming the duties as Executive Director at a statewide retirement system, I needed assistance in a number of business process (re)engineering, organizational, technical, and operations-support areas. My previous position as Deputy Director at a "sister" (teachers) retirement system had given me exposure to LRWL – their skills, capabilities, and staff – supporting the acquisition and implementation of an integrated pension administration system. In both roles, I found LRWL to be a firm that provides consistent, professional, retirement system expertise. In fact, they often exceed expectations and scope. I recommend them wholeheartedly."

LRWL focuses on supporting public retirement systems in identifying and solving operational inefficiencies through solutions that include both business process re-design coupled with strategic technology acquisitions.

The focus of most of our projects is to assist our clients in delivering expanded and improved services to their customers whether they are members, retirees, users, supervisors, managers, employers or other stakeholders. We do this through the identification and implementation of various technology enablers such as a comprehensive and integrated pension administration solution, imaging, workflow, ECM, CRM or new back office accounting/HR solutions. Most of our assignments involve at least one of the following:

We also support many of our clients in related endeavors such as application of industry best practices, business process re-engineering, organizational and staffing studies, plan development (strategic, business, IT, or disaster recovery), and change management.

Our staff represents over 200 person-years of technology-related retirement system consulting experience. To date, we have assisted over 70 geographically-dispersed, multi-employer, defined benefit retirement system clients in over 30 states, the US Virgin Islands, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, the Commonwealth of the Bahamas and Canada - many of them in multiple projects.

We believe the truest testament to our success is the number of repeat clients we have had over the years. In fact, each of our first four clients in the multi-employer, defined benefit pension industry has recently elected to "refresh/upgrade" its pension system. All four have again reached out to LRWL to assist in the update of their system.